Extract iron from iron ore #3

Okay, we have a lots of strange mixture from the first and second attempt. We thought to try something with it. We tested the mixtures from the first and second attempt with a very strong magnet and we found that the material from the second attempt reacted much more heavily to the magnet. So we continued the process with the mixture of the second attempt.

  1. We broke them into small peaces and with the magnet we could separate very small peaces of clean iron. It seems in the furnace something happened and some very small iron peaces extracted.
  2. Then we separated all those peaces from the mixture that reacted to the magnet.
  3. We mixed it with charcoal broken into small peaces.
  4. In the forge we started to heat on maximum power.
  5. After 1 hour of heating we took the slug peaces from the top. We checked them with the magnet and they reacted poorly to it.
  6. We loaded the melted stuff into sand. It wasn’t very liquid.
  7. We removed a peace of slug from the bottom of the crucible.
  8. For the second round we could load pure and clean iron into the sand!!! (We were so exited that didn’t record it). It seams the iron melted and sinked to the bottom of the crucible but it was totally covered with the solid slug.
  9. We heated up one peace of iron in the forge to see if we can forge it, but it broke into peaces under the attack of the hammer.
  10. Then we put original iron ore into another crucible to see what happens with it in the forge. But the crucible couldn’t resist to the temperature… 🙂
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