Extract iron from iron ore #5

Another attempt to extract iron from iron ore. This time we tried what happens if we bake the ore before loading it into the furnace. We did as the following:

  1. We repaired the smelting furnace.
  2. We broke up the ore into bits.
  3. We dug a shallow hole, covered it’s surface with a layer adobe, then dried it. After that we were baking the iron ore at about 500-700C for around 4 hours in it. We kept the ore hot on ember until the last portion was loaded into the furnace.
  4. We fully loaded the furnace with 10kgs of charcoal and when it was all lit we put the first round of ore-charcoal combo.
  5. We processed 10 kilogrammes of ore and 25 kgs of charcoal in total during 3 hours with low intensity air input. After putting the last portion in, the blower was set to a much higher output rate and we continued until the end of the process like that for the last half an hour.
  6. We checked a couple of times whether there was any slag formation, but there wasn’t.
  7. In the end the result was much like the previous ones, maybe this time we got some bigger chunks of molten slag, which we haven’t had before, and there were some pieces which seemed more to be deforming upon hammering rather than shattering into pieces as before. A deeper evaluation of the whole process is coming soon…

The video of the attempt:

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